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Welcome to Year 6


 Our aims in Year 6 are to:

•To treat each child as an individual
•Make learning interactive and challenging
•Ensure the children are ready for a smooth transition to High School


In Year 6 our teachers are Mrs Link - (Eagles); Mrs West - (Ospreys); Mr Clough - (Hawks).  We also have Mrs Hunt working in Year 6 teaching maths. We are supported by Mrs Cross, Mrs Hicks and Mrs Prosser.


Please click here for the Kingswood presentation. 


Friday 6th July 2018 

Eagles - Ben H & Sam H

Hawks - Freya

Ospreys - Erin


Date Event

 Further information 

Monday 9th July

Pyramid Arts Day at Haybridge [all HPS children]

Further details to follow

Tuesday 10th July

Haybridge Transition Day – details sent to parents by Haybridge

Please advise the Y6 team of any other High School New Intake Days to which your child is invited.

Friday 13th July

Dress rehearsal 1


Monday 16th July

Dress rehearsal 2 [filmed]



Tuesday 17th July


Final performances of Aladdin Trouble


1:30pm – to be confirmed

 6:30pm – to be confirmed

Wednesday 18th July  

Leavers’ Party

6:30pm - 8.30pm

Further details to follow

Thursday 19th July

Leavers’ assembly


Friday 20th July

Final day of the year.



For the next two weeks, maths sets will focus on revision and test technique in preparation for SATs week. After half term, the children will be involved in an enterprise project with a maths and DT focus. The children will work to a budget and be responsible for the successful development and implementation of their chosen enterprise idea. Fluency and times tables will continue to be practised until the end of the term.


We have started the Summer term by reading a fantastic book:

Shackleton’s Journey by William Gill.

We will use this asinspiration for a series of pieces of writing, creating many opportunities for our children to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt during the year. For example, we will apply for a position in the crew of Endurance, write an explanation of how to create a shelter from a lifeboat and descriptive writing capturing the beauty and hardship of the experience. There will be a specific focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar each day and application of these skills in writing.


After SATs, a series of home learning tasks will be set fortnightly to help the children develop time-management skills and to promote independence. These tasks will reflect the wide range of curriculum areas we will cover over this term, including Maths and English skills. Some of the tasks will be open ended to encourage creativity.


 Topic work in support of our Shackleton’s Journey focus together with


Enterprise [Maths, DT, computing]

Transition activities

 Rehearsals for final production


After last year’s resounding success, we are delighted that Year 6 will have the opportunity to participate in creating theirown business and products during the Enterprise project. Children will work in small groups to research, design, market and sell a product to all KS2 children and parents in order to raise funds for their Leavers’ Party in July. This gives the childrena sense of ownership and responsibility whilst gaining knowledge and skills of costing, profit margins and advertising. After researching and designing their product, each group will be allocated a small start-up loan to buy raw materials in order to create their products for sale at a market held in the hall on 22nd June.

As parents, you are invited to help your child’s group with their enterprise if you wish to do so. However, there is no expectation for parents to be involved. In the past, parents have aided in sourcing raw materials through their own contacts, helped children to buy raw materials or supported in the manufacturing of the product. We will be asking the children to provide receipts to ensure the set up money has been spent wisely.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop independence, an awareness of business management and how these skills can be developed to support careers later in life.


* Regular reading – at least three times per week. This could be your child reading to you or to themselves. Discussing what your child has read, making connections with similar texts, discussing preferences and predictions will all support your child in preparation for reading comprehension tests.

* Spellings – take opportunities to discuss spelling patterns, common errors and definitions of words they come across in their reading or in daily life.

Timestables - Encourage them to practise rapid recall of timetables and related division facts [for example using Times Table Rock Stars].

* Playing games e.g. countdown where children are given a number to make with the four operations.  Discussing everyday application of Maths e.g. weight, money, time, spotting Roman Numerals.


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