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Please ensure that your child has their named PE kit in school - thank you.









Welcome to Year 6


 Our aims in Year 6 are to:

•To treat each child as an individual
•Make learning interactive and challenging
•Ensure the children are ready for a smooth transition to High School


In Year 6 our teachers are Mrs Link - (Eagles); Mrs West - (Ospreys); Mr Clough - (Hawks).  We also have Mrs Hunt working in Year 6 teaching maths. We are supported by Mrs Cross, Mrs Hicks and Mrs Prosser.


FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 2018

Eagles - Molly

Ospreys - Sam

Hawks - Izzy


In maths this term we will be focusing on the following areas:

* Fractions and decimals

* Measurement

* Geometry and statistics

We will continue to focus on the ability to calculate mentally and at speed, including times tables. We hope that you will be able to support your child in every day mathematical opportunities and by learning and revising their multiplication and division tables to 12 x 12.


This term we will use a range of exciting texts to cover further aspects of the National Curriculum through topics including:
* Harry Potter
* Fantastic Beasts
* The Americas. 
In reading, we will continue to develop skills of inference and deduction and develop full answers for comprehension questions. In writing, we will focus on teaching punctuation and grammar concepts and ways to apply them in our own writing. We will continue to follow the Read Write Inc. spelling scheme, which involves the children practising a set spelling rule, within a range of activities. In addition, we will continue the inter-class spelling competition, where children are tested weekly on 10 words chosen from the statutory Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling lists, which have already been sent home with your child.


Maths – Set on a Thursday to be completed and handed in by Tuesday morning. Maths tasks will reinforce or extend class learning of each week.

English – Each child will be given a Home Learning booklet which will include the activities required for each week for each half term. These activities will reinforce the concepts covered during English lessons. The children need to bring their completed weekly task each Friday so they can be reviewed together.

Spellings – The English home learning booklet includes a list of ten words per week taken from the statutory Year 5 and 6 words. It would be very helpful if you could spend 10 or 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a week to focus on these words with your child. The rules and patterns we learn during Read Write Inc. spelling lessons will support the children in learning these words. 


Fantastic Beasts -  A science focussed topic exploring classification of living things including microorganisms.
The Americas -  The geography of North and South America including climate and biomes; using and making maps for different purposes; identifying connections between places including trade links; responding to extracts from famous American literature.


* Regular reading – at least three times per week. This could be your child reading to you or to themselves. Discussing what your child has read, making connections with similar texts, discussing preferences and predictions will all support your child in preparation for reading comprehension tests.

* Spellings – take opportunities to discuss spelling patterns, common errors and definitions of words they come across in their reading or in daily life.

Timestables - Encourage them to practise rapid recall of timetables and related division facts [for example using Times Table Rock Stars].

* Playing games e.g. countdown where children are given a number to make with the four operations.  Discussing everyday application of Maths e.g. weight, money, time, spotting Roman Numerals.


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