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14.12.18 - Christmas Jumper Day

The children will have one indoor and one outdoor session of PE each week. As the weather is still cold, the children are able to wear tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt when outdoors. We ask that all of the children have suitable footwear in school for these lessons to ensure that they are able to take part safely. For the indoor session, the children will be expected to wear their shorts and t-shirts, as usual. We do not encourage the children to wear jogging bottoms indoors, as they can be unsafe on the gym equipment. If your child has pierced ears, we request that they have some Micropore tape to cover earrings during the lesson if they cannot be removed.


Art Aprons: Please ensure your child has an old shirt or t-shirt in school to cover their uniform during art and DT lessons. If your child has not already done so, we politely remind you to send one in. Thank you.


Pencil Cases: This year we are continuing our policy that only small pencil cases will be permitted in school. As presentation is a continued focus this year, the school will provide pencils and handwriting pens for use throughout the day. Children must not bring felt tips, biros, compasses, scissors, smaller rulers and rubbers. Any large pencil cases or items which are not required will be sent home. We appreciate your support with this so that we can strive to improve the consistency of presentation across the school.


Welcome to Year 5




In Year 5 our teachers are Mr Clough (Herons); Miss Bowden (Storks); Mr Bate and Ms Wilson (Cranes). Mrs Hunt will be teaching maths in year 5. We are supported by teaching assistants Mrs Oakley, Mrs Wilcox and Mrs Prosser.



Friday 11th January 2019

There are no well done awards this week due to values assembly 


All homework is due in on a Monday - Maths and SPaG/English homework will be given out on a Tuesday.It is important that the children complete their homework and hand this in on time as they will be marking their own work in class to discuss their answers and receive verbal feedback on their work.

Spellings will be provided to the children and we ask that they practise at home in preparation for their end of unit test.

In addition, we ask that the children record their reading at least 3 times a week in their diary. Diaries will be checked by the teacher on a weekly basis.
To further support your child, the school is subscribed to the following websites:

Times Table Rockstars Letter Join for handwriting Education City

Details of how to log into these can be found in your child’s home learning books.


During the autumn term, we will be concentrating on poetry and narrative with a special focus on our topic about the two World Wars. This will include a closer look at the narrative text War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. We will be reading this in class; however, if the children would like to read the text, or other work by Michael Morpurgo, at home, then it will help to support our study of this author. Further suggested reading can be found with yourchild’s class teacher or through the recommended reading lists on ourwebsite.
Linked to the idea of conflict, the children will spend some time looking at the Shakespeare play Macbeth as a joint Year 5 and 6 project.


This year we will be continuing with the Read Write Inc spelling scheme, which involves the children practising a set spelling rule across a range of activities. The children will practise these throughout the week and will be tested when they have completed a unit. If you would like to support your child further with spelling, it is suggested that the children become confident with the words contained in the Year 3/4 word list. If you would like a copy of these spellings, then please askyour child’s class teacher or referto the school website. Encourage your child to check their home learning for spelling errors before handing in.

Please click here for a copy of the Year 3/4 word list.

Please click here for a copy of the Year 5/6 word list.


In Maths this term we will be focusing on the following areas:

Number and place value      Multiplication and division
Addition and subtraction      Area and Perimeter 
Multi-step problems             Statistics

We will continue to concentrate on the children’s mental calculation agility. We hope thatyou will be able to support the children in every day mathematical opportunities. In addition, it is crucial that the children continue to learn and revise their multiplication and division tables to 12 x 12. These will be tested on a regular basis through Times Table Rockstars quizzes.

The children will continue to practise the skills required for the mental arithmetic paper in Year 6 and need to have a solid understanding of the written methods for all four operations. In order to feel confident with these operations, it is vital that they are fluent with their times tables and addition and subtraction facts such as bonds to 100.

How you can help at home:

Help children to practise the recall of timetables and division facts. The children have their TTrockstars logins in their Maths home learning book.

Playing games – e.g. countdown where children are given a number to make with the four operations.

Encourage children to explain their answers and how they have solved a problem.


For the first half term, we will be looking at World War I, focusing on the key events leading to the start of the war and life in the trenches. Our WWI learning will culminate in our remembrance exhibition the week before Remembrance Day. During the topic, the children will also have the opportunity to undertake a local history project whereby we will find out more about the names on the Hagley war memorial. During the term, the children will investigate the theme of conflict throughShakespeare’s Macbeth. In addition, we will study some key events and individuals of the Second World War. In Science, we will be investigating materials and their properties. In the second half of the term, we will begin to look at different forces in relation to flight. Throughout the term, opportunities will be provided for the children to develop their skills in art and computing linked to the concept of conflict, remembrance, WWI and WWII.


Please click here for the Curriculum evening presentation.

Please click here for the Curriculum overview.  

Please click here for the Maths Workshop PowerPoint.