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Welcome to Year 4



In Year 4 our teachers are Mr Ayers supported by Mrs Powell (Nightingales), Mrs Lawson-King supported by Mrs Wooldridge (Finches) and Miss Hawthorne supported by Mrs Jenkins (Larks).  Miss Swallow is the Year 3&4 Phase Leader.


 Friday 30th November 2018

This weeks 'Well Done' Awards go to:

Nightingales - Taylor

Finches - Lawrence

Larks - Samit 

MATHS WORKSHOP - Tuesday 6th November

Please click here to view the Year 4 Maths Parent Workshop Presentation.

CURRICULUM EVENING - 18th September 2018

Please click here to view the Year 3/4 Curriculum Evening Presentation.


Please click here to view the Curriculum Overview for Year 4.


Who Invaded Britain?

During our topic on the Vikings, we will focus on everyday Viking life, invasions and Viking Kings.  We will also explore British Anglo-Saxon settlements using local geography and identifying achievements of civilisations along with their impact today.  In English lessons, we will be looking at the story of Beowulf and using it to create stop-motion animation in Computing.


Autumn 1:

  • Number - place value and partitioning.
  • Addition and subtraction strategies.

Autumn 2:

  • Multiplication and division strategies.
  • Solving problems using 4 operations.

We will also be regularly practising mental arithmetic skills to improve the children's fluency and speed of recall.


We started the year using 'How to Fix a Broken Wing' as our stimulus for writing.  The children have created diary entries from Will's (the main character) point of view.  We will be moving on to Viking myths and legends to inspire our writing for this term.


For weekly spelling patters, please see your child's spelling booklet.  All children in Year 4 have also been given a reading record book.  We ask for all children to read at home a minimum of three times a week.  This reading can be independent or aloud with an adult and recorded into the reading records using the page number.  Children may do this themselves if they feel confident.

If a child has not completed 3 reading sessions during the week, we will ask them to attend an additional reading session during Monday break time.

Please click here to view list of generic questions to help parents discuss a text with their child when reading.

Please click here to view list of 'Recommended Reads' for Year 4.

Please click here to view the Year 3-4 Word/Spelling List.

Please click here to view Year 4 Spelling Outline for parents' information



  • Basic circuits including bulbs, batteries, switches and buzzers.
  • Scientific drawings.
  • Safety aspects of electricity.
  • How we use electricity in our homes.
  • Study the work of Thomas Edison and the impact he has had on our lives today.


Homework will be sent out on Thursdays and is to be returned on Tuesdays.  Children in Year 4 will be set both Maths and English homework tasks each week and these will be set using your child's personal study book.  These books cover all aspects of the Year 4 curriculum with a focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation in English and basic maths skills.  These books will be provided for your children by the school and are a great way to help your child to consolidate the learning that has taken place in school.


Nightingales - Outdoor: Monday, Indoor: Wednesday

Larks - Outdoor: Monday, Indoor: Wednesday

Finches - Outdoor:  Monday, Indoor: Wednesday

Please can you ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school for these days as well as long hair tied back.  For safety reasons, jewellery is not to be worn during PE lessons, therefore could you please ensure your child is able to remove it independently before the lesson or have it removed before coming into school. 


A part of Hagley Primary School's values include children's emotional wellbeing.  Within our classes, we will be giving children regular opportunities to practise the techniques of mindfulness and discussing how this can improve concentration, focus and boost confidence.  This compliments our Growth Mindset approach which we have already established within the school.


  • Read with your child as much as possible (ideally daily but 3 times minimum) as this helps with their fluency and understanding of texts, as well as helps to increase their imagination for their own writing.  Children will be bringing home reading records to sign and date to show how frequently they have read during the week.
  • Rehearse spelling patterns - weekly spelling patterns have been sent home in your child's Spelling Booklet.  These will be assessed weekly alongside a selection of words from the Year 3/4 curriculum word list.
  • Practise times tables.  At the end of Year 4, children are expected to be able to recall times tables up to 12x12.  In school, children practise times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars five times each week.  This programme is also available to access at home and we encourage the children to do so as often as possible.

Education City - www.educationcity.com

Each chid in Year 4 has a log in for Education City.  This is a fantastic website full of educational games and activities and the children love using it.  Under the 'My Revision' tab on your child's homepage, they can access maths games that are tailored to their learning.  There are also games to revise different spelling patterns and many aspects of the English curriculum.


Please check that your child has an apron or an art shirt in their bags for messy activities in school.