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Welcome to the Reception Year Group page.

Team Reception:  Mrs Archer (Goslings), Ms Readman (Cygnets), Mr Farley (Ducklings), supported by Mrs Bishop, Mrs Price, Mrs Adamson, Mrs Green and Mr Fisher.



Friday 16th November 2018

This week, the 'Well Done' Awards go to:

Cygnets: Ryan A

Ducklings:  Megan B

Goslings:  Charlie R


16th November 2018

We continue our topic on Elmer, but begin to think about our Christmas production; "Born in Bethlehem"!

12th November 2018

We will explore colour, starting with the well-known text 'Elmer' by David McKee.

English:  We will continue to use known key words, and phonics, to write about kindness and how we may be kind to each other.

Maths:  We will continue to explore addition and subtraction within 5.

30th October 2018

As we return to school on Monday 5th November, we will be celebrating 'Bonfire Night' by enjoying hotdogs in the forest.

We will take part in a very special, whole school, activity for Remembrance Day.  This will include a simple but poignant homework task - details to follow.

English:  We will write a sentence about our experience in the forest, using our knowledge of phonics.  

We will continue to develop our knowledge of phonics in graded groupings across the year group, to ensure everyone is accessing phonics at the appropriate level.

Maths:  We will begin adding and subtracting within 5.  

20th September 2018

This week we will be looking for signs of Autumn.  

Maths:  Working within numbers to 5, we will identify one less than a given number.

English:  We will list the items found on our Autumn walk, and may rise to the challenge to write a simple sentence to describe our exploration.

14th October 2018

Maths:   Working within numbers to 5, we will identify one more than a given number. 

English:  We will consolidate the phoneme/grapheme correspondences covered so far, and use them to orally blend words (Fred talk).  We will use these skills to segment words, to aid spelling (Fred fingers), to write simple pet names.

7th October 2018

This week we will be thinking about PETS.

Maths:  We will extend our investigation of number to include numbers 4 and 5.

English:  We will introduce the phoneme/grapheme correspondences u,b,f,e.  We will introduce the idea of writing a simple sentence, to include 'finger' spaces between the words.

30th September 2018

Please click here to view our Curriculum Evening presentation.

This week we will be exploring Push/Pull FORCES through a topic about Toys.

Maths:  We will continue to investigate numbers 1 to 3, finding different ways to make up each number.

English:  We will consolidate the phonemes from previous weeks and introduce g,o,c,k.  We will focus on rhyme; identifying rhyming words, and carrying on a rhyming string.


23rd September 2018

This week the children will engage in a mini-topic about Birthdays.

Maths:  Focus on Numbers 1 to 3, in a range of contexts.  This includes recognising small quantities without counting.

English:  Consolidate phonemes m,a,s,d and introduce t,i,n,p.  The children will be encouraged to begin using these sounds in their writing. They will focus on hearing and saying the initial sounds in words.



For 16th November 2018

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