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Welcome to the Reception Year Group page.

Team Reception:  Ms Readman (Cygnets), Mrs Archer (Goslings), Mrs Rothwell and Mrs Thomas (Ducklings), supported by Mrs Adamson, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Perry, Mrs Price, Mrs Spencer and Mrs Wilkins.



Our 'Well Done' Awards, this week, go to:

Friday 14th July 2017

Cygnets - Freddie B

Goslings - Bayden H

Ducklings -  Ishika B


June 29th 2017

Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended one of our induction evenings this week.  We hope you found it useful?  A 'web' version of the PowerPoint presentation is available to download, here.

We look forward to welcoming you, and your child, for their afternoon 'stay and play' session in July.

We had a brilliant day at the Safari Park!  Thank you to the parent helpers, who made it possible.

June 10th 2017

It is a very busy half term! Lots of things are happening in our classrooms.  We have six newly hatched chicks, and we have Painted Lady caterpillars eating and growing, hopefully to develop into butterflies.

English:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle - range of writing opportunities including retelling the story.

Maths:  Introduction to the 'Bar Method' to aid calculations.

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.

May 12th 2017

The children enjoyed a fun story session at Hagley library this week, including a 'treasure hunt'.

We hope you enjoyed sharing the brilliant book, 'Kitchen Disco' from the Book Trust.

The beans are growing!  Next week, we will be going on a minibeast hunt, as we explore the lifecycles of these amazing small creatures.

May 5th 2017

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.


April 20th 2017

At the end of a very busy term, we all visited the Forest Area for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Returning after the Easter Break, we will start a new topic, 'Little Acorns', beginning with growing plants.

English:  Talk for Writing to support a rewrite of 'Jasper's Beanstalk'.

Maths:  Estimate quantities to 20 and check by counting.

March 26th 2017

Thank you to all the parents who came to support our DT 'Make an Alien' Week. We had some fabulous creations for our alien invasion!

March 18th 2017

We had an amazing week; we enjoyed a very entertaining STEM science show - all about Space! This was followed, on Friday, by a visit from John Dougherty.  He shared a story, poems and songs with us.

We hope to see many aliens around the classrooms, next week!


March 5th 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hagley Library postponed our visit but we still had an exciting World Book Day. 

To launch our Space topic, we will be visiting the Thinktank Science Museum on Tuesday.  This includes a visit to the Planetarium to see "The Little Star that Could".  Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help - we hope you enjoy spending the day with us.

English:  Write a recount.

Maths:  Subtraction within 20, by counting back along a number line.

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.

February 23rd 2017

As we return from the half-term break, we are looking forward to a busy week.  We will be visiting Hagley library on World Book Day.  If you are not yet a member of a public library and are interested in joining, please visit your local library.  A joining form may be downloaded here.

We will celebrate Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes!

Class photos will be taken on Friday 3rd March.

February 5th 2017

Please download the latest Maths Challenge here

January 28th 2017

Thank you to all the family members who supported our Maths Workshop on Thursday.  We hope that you enjoyed spending time in the classroom and that you had fun making, and playing, the 'Frog Counting' game.

Following the Chinese New Year celebrations, we will begin a new topic, Art and Architecture. As part of the whole school enrichment topic, 'The World in Motion', we will find out about Friedensreich Hundertwasser, famous for both art and architecture!

January 21st 2017

This week, we will be finding out about the Chinese New Year, leading up to our celebration day on Monday 30th January.  

Maths:  Exploring ordinal numbers and 2D shape (including Chinese tangrams).

On Thursday, we will welcome parents and carers to join us in a Maths workshop.

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.

English:  Using phonic knowledge to write about the naming of the years, label the animals, and write our horoscopes!

January 8th 2017

Welcome back!

Everyone looked wonderful in their pirate costumes on Friday.  During the afternoon the children had an opportunity to share their pirate writing with the Y4 classes.

At the start of the New Year, we will be thinking about healthy living.

English:  We will write instructions, and write a shopping list, to make a milkshake. We will write a thank you letter (to the TAs who will help us make the milkshakes). 

Maths:  We will count to 10 and beyond, order and label quantities to 10, and say the number that is one more than a given number.

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.

December 11th 2016

"Thank you all for coming to see 'Our First Nativity' ".  We hope you enjoyed it.  

Don't forget our Christmas party is on Thursday.  Please send in a decorated box/bag of party food for your child to enjoy - treats are allowed!

English:  We will write a letter to Santa and, independently, write about the Nativity.

Maths:  We are thinking about time including sequencing familiar events, naming the days of the week and counting down to Christmas!

December 4th 2016

This week, we look forward to performing 'Our First Nativity' to friends and family.  

Then, on Friday, we will be entertained by a performance of the Pantomime, 'Dick Whittington'.

Please download the latest Maths Challenge, here.

November 19th 2016

Rehearsals have begun for our Christmas production 'Our First Nativity'!

We will continue to explore colour through texts including 'Elmer' and 'The Rainbow Fish'.

English:  We will use our knowledge of phonics to begin to write short sentences, independently.

Maths:  We will be combining two groups of objects and counting to find the total number.

Please download the latest Maths challenge, here.

November 5th 2016

On Friday, we had a fun day celebrating Bonfire Night AND Diwali.  Thank you to Mrs Spencer for cooking 100 sausages over the firebox! And a big thank you to Mrs Pandit for coming in to school to talk to the children about celebrating Diwali.

We will focus on British Values this week and in particular we will be thinking about Remembrance Day.


English:  We will learn to write a short sentence.

Maths:  Find one more or LESS than a number to 5. 

Please download the latest Maths challenge, here.

October 25th 2016

As we welcome everyone back after the half-term break, we look forward to a very busy week, celebrating two different festivals:  Bonfire Night and Diwali.

Maths:  We will be exploring 3D and 2D shape.

Please download the latest Maths challenge, here.

English:  We will continue to practise letter formation, learn a firework poem and think of some exciting words to describe fireworks and bonfires.

October 15th 2016

As Part of 'Globetrotter's' Week, we will explore the work of the artist, Matisse, particularly his famous cut-out 'The Snail'.

Maths:  We will estimate a quantity and check by counting.  We will practise forming numerals 1-5.

English:  We will write a creative sentence about a snail and practise letter formation satpinmd.  We will practise writing our names.

October 8th 2016

Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended our Curriculum Evening.  We hope you found it informative.  Please click here for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

The first Mathematics Challenges are available to download here.

We will be starting a mini-topic about pets.  

Maths: We will introduce the children to the language of money, data collection (favourite pets), relative sizes using comparative vocabulary, and continue to reinforce numbers to 5.

English:  We will reinforce phonemes satpinmd and use these phonemes to read and spell simple words.  We will discuss and retell 'The Great Pet Sale', and orally rehearse a sentence before writing.

September 18th 2016

We would like to welcome all 'new' reception children and their parents/carers to Hagley primary School.

We have a busy week ahead, building relationships, making friends and becoming familiar with school routines.

The children will bring home a book to share with you.  Once routines are established, this book will be changed on alternate days.  Please return books in their school book bag.  Thank you.

Please come along to our Curriculum Evening on Tuesday 4th October at 6.30pm, where we hope to inform you about teaching and learning in reception and how, together, we can become effective partners in your child's development.